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Welcome to Magnolia Financial Consultants, Your Online SOFT Hard Money Mortgage Headquarters. When The Banks Say No We Say Yes !

The Best Possible Rates for Business, Commercial and

Residential Loans and Equity Participation !

We have conventional loans for real estate and business financial needs. Our primary market is the capital needs of small to mid-sized commercial borrowers.  MFC has the programs that are more flexible than Institutional Debt and less costly.  Learn More About Conventional Loans  

Private Placement Memorandums ( PPM's ) are a unique way of raising capitol from private investers on projects that do not meet traditional or non traditional financing methods. PPM's come under the Security and Exchange Commision. Reg D, PPM can be structured debt or equity. You may want to check the SEC web site. We will be happy to write a PPM for your company please call for details. Millions of dollars are raised each year using Reg D, PPM.
Learn More About PPM's

The SBA ( Small Business Administration ) is a great way for business owners to get low cost loans for their business and real estate needs. The two main programs that we use are the 504 and 7A. These programs allow up to 90% financing for business owners. The governement programs change from time to time so please call us for details. The SBA has two lender/invester catagories, we deal mainly with preferred bank and non bank preferred investers. Learn More About SBA's

This is another government guaranty program sometimes called Business and Industry Loans ( B & I Loans ). The program allows for loans up to 25 million and the business must be located in a rural area or in a city or town with a population of less than 50 thousand.   Learn More About USDA's

Hard Money Loans are the alternative to traditional funding sources.  Our primary market is the capital needs of small to mid-sized commercial borrowers.  MFC has the programs that are more flexible than Institutional Debt and less costly than giving up significant equity in a project. Magnolia Financial Consultants has the programs that are usually more flexible and are structured to make the deal work Learn More About Hard Money

Even if you have already been denied conventional bank funding, MFC may be able to secure the loan you need.  Our non-conforming loan programs are intended for borrowers that fall outside typical bank guidelines. We have investors that try to make the deal work, so if you have been turned down please call us.  Learn How MFC Can Help

Brokers are WELCOMED and PROTECTED in writing!  Fund more loans and increase your profits.  MFC wants to build long-term relationships with Professional Money Finders.  Because developing hard money loans requires extra effort, in most cases brokers earn greater than average fees.
Learn How To Become Part Of The MFC Team

Soft Hard Money Financing Options that work for clients and brokers alike.  MFC will consider funding almost any property type, in almost any condition, nationwide.  Finding financing for difficult situations: troubled credit history, project bogged down mid-phase, distressed properties.  All these situations make conventional financing impossible.  Soft Hard money financing can provide creative solutions for the client and options that may not have been considered previously! Magnolia Financial Consultants will consider funding almost any real estate property and business financing in almost any condition nationwide including equity or joint venture participation.  Learn More About How Hard Money Works

While the nature of the business does require hard money lenders to hold a relatively firm stand on their lending criteria, the simple truth is that the "HARD" part is the loan itself.  Learn How MFC Can Make Hard Money Easy

When The Banks Say No, We Say YES 

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